Here is a variety of resources I am continuously updating. I am including a variety of media and approaches so you can fit these actions into your daily life – listen to a podcast on your walk, sign a petition on your lunch break, order dinner from a Black-owned restaurant, attend a course or watch a film in your free time.

Physical protests are hard to keep up to date – I recommend searching Facebook events or using #[yourcity]Protest on Twitter to find one near you.

[SIGN] petition for justice for Elijah McClain

[SIGN] petition for removal of United Confederate Veterans Memorial in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Lake View Cemetery

[SIGN] Support Black Agenda 2020

[READ] 8 to abolition’s campaign and 8 points

[AUDIT] see where you fall on the White Identity Development scale and what to do next

[SIGN] petition for justice for George Floyd

[SIGN] petition for justice for Breonna Taylor

[WATCH] this 1-hour YouTube video is donating all its ad revenue to BLM orgs

[TAKE ACTION] 75 things white people should do for racial justice

[DONATE] to NWCOM to bail out protesters

[EAT] order from these Black-owned Seattle restaurants

[LEARN] attend FREE Yale course: African American History

[LISTEN] to this Spotify podcast episode

[RESOURCES] learn about the prison industrial complex and how to abolish it

[SHOP] Black-owned cruelty-free beauty brands

Find a Black dermatologist near you