Brazilian Wax Review | What to Expect

Like most women in the US, I choose to shave basically any and all hair on my body that grows below my scalp. I’m not a candidate for laser hair removal because my hair is too light, so shaving has been my go-to hair removal method for most of my life. I have waxed in the past without ever really committing to regular appointments for one reason or another, but was planning to get back into it when I got the opportunity to have a Brazilian wax done at a local Seattle salon.

What’s a Brazilian?

Body waxing involves a trained esthetician using hot wax to remove hair from the body at the root. A bikini wax is when the hair around the underwear region is removed (anything that would be visible while wearing bikini bottoms), while a Brazilian removes more hair (everything from below your belly button to the top of your bum) (I hope my grandmas aren’t reading this) (If you are I love you and I’m sorry).

Prepping for a Brazilian Wax

If you currently shave, you’ll need to grow the hair out prior to waxing. The hair needs to be at least a quarter inch long for the wax to have something to grip onto for removal. Growing it out was hard for me, but I knew it would be worthwhile!

The Experience

My appointment was on a rainy evening at Trieva’s in Northgate, Seattle. Luckily, they have a parking lot, so I didn’t have to deal with street parking and getting soaked on the trek to the salon. The salon itself has a very soothing atmosphere – calming music played while I sat in a cozy chair in the waiting area.

My esthetician was Amanda and she brought me to a dimly lit treatment room. She gave me a few minutes to undress and there were baby wipes on the bed for me to “freshen up” as needed, which is a nice touch when you’re about to be frog-legging it inches from someone’s face. I undressed from the waist down and got as cozy as one can get while half naked on a table.

Trieva's Salon
The cozy treatment room

Amanda came in and immediately got to work. She was so friendly – we just started chatting and the awkwardness dissipated almost instantly. She told me she got into the esthetics industry because she enjoyed making people feel beautiful and confident and that sentiment radiated through her personality.

I’m sure what you’re really curious about is how it felt to have all my pubic hair yanked out of my body, and honestly, it isn’t super pleasant and in some places, it hurts.

That being said, it was not intolerable and it only took 20 minutes from start to finish. I was actually shocked by how quickly it was over! I opted to have all the hair removed, but you can also choose to leave a “landing strip” of hair in the center, which is most sensitive, to reduce the discomfort. The good news is that the first wax is always the worst and they subsequently become way less painful due to the hair growing back thinner (so long as you are coming back to wax regularly).

What’s interesting about this waxing experience compared to my previous Brazilian appointments is that I didn’t sweat. I’ve gotten waxed about five times before and always end up sweaty (is it really TMI if we’re already talking about my undercarriage, idk) due to pain and general discomfort, so that leads me to think this experience was either less painful, or I was more at ease, or both!

I strutted out of my appointment with a new exfoliating seaweed soap (to prevent ingrown hairs) and feeling like a badass aerodynamic goddess.


You shouldn’t sweat immediately after waxing and you will want to wear loose fitting pants or a dress to give the area room to breathe. It’s been about 10 days since the wax and there’s still no hair! To maintain a Brazilian, it’s recommended to wax every 4-6 weeks as the hair strands become long enough to remove.

What’s the Verdict?

Getting a Brazilian wax is totally worth it in my opinion. As we’re coming into the spring and summer months, I think I’m going to continue waxing to take advantage of it thinning the hair regrowth as well as the time savings of not having to shave. I loved my experience at Trieva’s and will definitely be back!

Booking Your Valentine’s Day Wax Appointment

If you’re wanting to groom for the month of ~love~, be sure to set your appointment for at least two days prior to any Valentine’sy activities to allow time for your follicles to close and any inflammation to subside. If you already wax regularly, you can just wax one day before. To book at Trieva’s, visit their website.

If hair removal isn’t your jam, Trieva’s also offers hair services, lashes, facials, massages, and more, so a gift card makes a perfect V-Day gift for your partner to pamper themselves in any way they’d like.


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