The Accessory of the Summer: A Watch by JORD

Today I’m sharing my personal review of the JORD (pronounced yode) Cassia wood watch, but to be honest, I have never been a watch person. The only watch I’ve ever consistently worn was a Michael Kors rose gold watch my mom gifted to me, but when its battery died a few years ago, I never had it replaced. I’ve owned a handful of cheap watches, but their low quality only reinforced my disinterest in wearing one.

You may be wondering why I, a self-proclaimed non-watch person, would agree to review a watch. When JORD reached out to offer one of their wood watches for me to review, I decided to keep an open mind. I was thrilled to see how unique and beautiful their product line is. Their watches provide more than a read on the time; each timepiece has a distinct personality and serves as a statement styling accessory and conversation starter. I was excited to style my new JORD watch and give watch-wearing another go, so I submitted my wrist measurements and waited patiently for my new watch to arrive.


What You Need to Know: Pros and Cons

I know some of you are here for a straightforward review, so here’s the quick and dirty (just make sure to scroll to the bottom to check out the giveaway!):


  • Aesthetic
  • Lightweight
  • Unique
  • Dresses up or down
  • Tells time accurately


  • Not water-proof
  • Had to have it resized by a jeweler

The Full Review: the Cassia Watch in Ebony & Sable

I was gifted the Ebony & Sable Cassia watch – definitely a statement piece! I like mixing feminine and masculine pieces into my outfits and I love the color black, so it was a perfect match for me. 

The package arrived with a microfiber cleaning cloth and a bottle of oil for protecting the wood. Using the instructions included in the box, I massaged the oil into the wood and waited for it to dry. After trying it on, I realized the watch was too large for my wrist. Despite watching several YouTube tutorials on removing links, I couldn’t DIY the adjustment and had to cough up $5 for a local jeweler to remove two links for me. Luckily, I was able to have it adjusted the day before our trip to Europe, so I could bring the watch with me. 


I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to wear this watch. Being made of wood makes it more breathable than a metal or plastic band, so it didn’t make my wrist sweat. The watch design proved to be as versatile as I had hoped, so I was able to wear it with just about every outfit I packed for the trip: from a t-shirt and cut-off shorts to ruffled dresses and wedges. I usually wear dainty jewelry and I loved the contrast of small rings and bracelets with the large, bold, eye-catching watch face.

Unexpected Perks of my New Watch: Staying Unplugged

An unexpected benefit of bringing my JORD watch to Europe was that it allowed me to stay more unplugged. I opted to not purchase an international data plan and planned to just WiFi-surf (and, I’ll admit, rely heavily on Adam’s GPS along the way) to minimize distractions and be as present as possible on our trip. I typically use my phone to keep track of the time, but wearing the watch allowed me to be totally independent of my phone whenever I wanted. Now that we’re back from our trip, I think I’ll continue to reach for my watch and leave my phone at home from time to time. 


My Final Thoughts on JORD Watches

Overall, I’ve been very satisfied with JORD’s Cassia wood watch. It tells time accurately, is lightweight and stylish, gets loads of compliments, and is comfortable to wear. It makes an excellent accessory (or gift!) for anyone who appreciates earthy textures and accessories that are classic, yet out of the ordinary. It may have even converted me to a watch person!

JORD offers a variety of wood watch designs for men and women that can be customized with an engravement (you can even upload your own handwriting, how sweet is that?), making them an awesome sentimental gift idea for birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. 


Win a $100 JORD Credit

JORD has been generous enough to offer a $100 credit to one lucky winner! Entering is easy: visit the giveaway page, enter a few details about yourself (so JORD can send the prize if you win!), and tell them what your favorite watch style is. The winner will be announced when the minimum entry quantity is met.

One thought on “The Accessory of the Summer: A Watch by JORD”

  1. Great article!! I love watches, but have t been wearing one for a while. It’s time to get new batterie and unplug a bit!! Maybe I’ll even have a cool JORD to wear!

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