I Tried Lymphatic Decongestion Therapy and Here’s Everything You Need to Know [Honest Review]

Hi friends! I tried lymphatic decongestion therapy earlier this month and learned so much! In this post, I’m sharing an overview of the lymphatic system, the benefits of lymphatic drainage, and how my experience with lymphatic decongestion therapy went.

When Lexi of Kalon Spa invited me to try the lymphatic decongestion treatment, I was intrigued and excited to try something new! However, I realized that my only knowledge of the lymphatic system consisted of that one time I went down the Youtube rabbit hole and watched a video on how to give yourself a facial lymph drainage massage to reduce swelling (spoiler: I’m way too impatient for that). So first, let’s learn a little about the lymphatic system.

The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is part of our immune system and is comprised of a system of vessels that carry lymph fluid throughout the body to fight infection and remove waste. Lymph is not pushed through the body the same way blood is pumped through the blood vessels by the heart, but rather is moved through the vessels via breathing and muscle contraction.


Diagram of the human lymphatic system

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage

According to the American Center for Biological Medicine, the benefits of lymphatic treatments include better circulation, reduced swelling, increased immune function, aid in injury healing, and more. This study found that lymphatic drainage reduced the thickness of thigh fat in patients with cellulite and this one found that, while both manual lymph drainage therapy and connective tissue massage improve symptoms of fibromyalgia, lymphatic drainage yielded better results.

Lymphatic decongestion therapy is considered safe, but may have minor side effects like needing to use the restroom more, headache, or nausea after treatment. Pregnant women and cancer patients should consult their doctor before booking a lymphatic decongestion treatment.

Lymphatic Decongestion Therapy at Kalon Spa

Lexi and her business partner, Calvin, own Kalon Spa and offer a variety of services to rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit. The spa is conveniently located in Bellevue (just outside of Seattle) and the space is immediately soothing and pleasant.

When I arrived, Lexi welcomed me and I filled out some basic paperwork. She showed me the Lymphstar Pro machine she uses for the treatment and gave me an overview of the treatment and what I could expect.


The treatment itself took about an hour and involved Lexi gently gliding the glass nodes over my body in specific patterns, draining around my collarbone, neck, face, head, arms, and belly. The experience was not painful at all and I felt super relaxed.


Lexi shared that before her first lymphatic massage, she was skeptical of the treatment and not sure if she would notice any benefits. Afterward, a stubborn enlarged lymph node she’d had for 10 years drained and disappeared. The immediate and visible results inspired her to invest in a Lymphstar machine and offer the treatment to her clients. She now provides the therapy to patients wanting help with healing after injuries and surgeries, improving immune function, and reducing swelling or lymphedema. The Lymphstar machine uses electrical stimulation, which “assists lymph drainage up to 8 times faster than manual lymph drainage alone.”

My Lymphatic Decongestion Therapy Results

Since I didn’t go into the treatment with a particular ailment to cure and I’ve only had one treatment, it’s hard to say with certainty whether or not it “worked.” That said, I experienced various changes that lead me to believe the treatment did something.

First of all, I enjoyed the service and felt very peaceful and rejuvenated afterward. I felt very tired that evening (as expected). I had to use the bathroom about a million times in the 48 hours following treatment – with no changes to my liquid consumption – making me think it certainly was related to my body ridding itself of extra waste. Lexi advised that some clients feel very energized the day after treatment, and my workout the next morning was much easier than I expected it to be (I’d taken two weeks off Orangetheory and usually getting back into it is painful, but this time it felt less strenuous than usual), which was a nice added perk!

If you’re experiencing fatigue, digestive issues, chronic acne, swelling or edema, or are simply looking for a wellness treatment to relax you and optimize your immunity, lymphatic decongestion therapy may be an ideal treatment for you! I would highly recommend Kalon Spa in Bellevue for anyone seeking lymphatic decongestion in the Seattle area.

You can schedule an appointment here or follow Kalon Spa on Instagram here.

7/2/19: Lexi has generously offered to gift a 60 minute massage and lymphatic decongestion therapy treatment to one lucky winner! Follow along on Instagram to enter the giveaway this week.

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