[Tutorial] How I Tint my Brows and Lashes at Home

Hi friends!

Today I’m sharing how I tint my brows and lashes at home to take them from blonde and invisible to dark and poppin’! My body did this cruel thing where it allowed my once-blonde hair to darken into a mousy brown while keeping my lashes and brows nearly-invisible-white-blonde. There’s nothing wrong with blonde brows (hello, Jenny Mustard), but I personally like to have visible ones 24/7, so I began tinting them in college to save myself a little time on days I didn’t feel like doing a full makeup look. The process is super simple and affordable, so I’ve continued and never looked back!

At-home brow tinting seems to have become very popular these days, but most people I’ve seen giving tutorials on it are using beard dye. There’s nothing wrong with that method, but it is a one-time use since the dye must be used immediately once it’s been activated. If you’re just tinting your brows or lashes for a one-time event, beard dye is a great and convenient option that you can grab at the local store. However, if you are looking for a more long-term option, the product I use can save you a lot of money in the long run because it can be activated just a little bit at a time.

What to expect when tinting your brows and lashes

Tinting my brows and lashes makes a huge impact on my face, making my eyes look more open without any makeup on. My brows are microbladed (which basically means they’re tattooed on), but since the hairs above the ink are blonde and reflect light, they reduce the visibility of the ink underneath. Tinting my brow hairs brown makes them not reflect light, therefore my brows look more full and natural. I tinted my brows for five years prior to microblading and back then it had an even greater impact because I went from Voldemort-looking eyebrows to sort of decent eyebrows! If you are considering microblading but aren’t ready to take the plunge (either financially or with the commitment to having the same brows stuck on your face for 1-2 years), tinting is a great way to have longer-lasting brows with minimal cost and commitment. One tube of the dye lasts me several years. If you plan to dye your brows or lashes more than once, this is the most cost-effective approach.
This process takes me about 10-15 minutes total and I generally need to tint my brows and lashes every 3-4 weeks for upkeep.

What I use to tint my brows and lashes at home

These are the products I use for DIY lash and brow tinting:

  • Refectocil hair dye – I use natural brown ($8.23) for my brows and black ($12.99) for my lashes
  • Hydrogen peroxide (you can buy a Refectocil with ‘oxidant’ for $21.99 OR just use hydrogen peroxide that you probs already have in your cabinet/can get for a dollar at the store)
  • The little mixer wand that comes with the Refectocil dye (or a mascara spoolie)
  • A water bottle cap (or a tiny bowl to mix in)

How I tint my lashes and brows at home

I’m going to show pictures of how I do my lashes, but the process for brows is essentially the same.

I first put a pea-sized amount of dye into my mixing cap.

Then I add 2-3 drops of hydrogen peroxide to activate the dye. The reason I prefer this particular dye over beard or hair dye kits is that you only activate as much of the product as you need, whereas with a kit, you can’t save the leftover dye because you activate all of it at once.

Next, I mix the peroxide and dye with the mixer wand for about a minute to get a creamy(ish) consistency.

When I first started doing this, I would apply barrier cream like vaseline or moisturizer around my brows and eyes to prevent any mistakes from dyeing my skin. Now I find that if I swipe up any messes with a q-tip in less than 30-60 seconds, it doesn’t leave a stain. So I’m lazy and just clean up as I go.
This goes without saying, but if you do this at home, please be soooo careful around your eyes! Take your time and use a magnifying mirror to ensure you are only applying dye to your lashes and brows.
Tip: if I’m doing brows and lashes back-to-back, I start with my brows. That way, I don’t have to clean my cap and wand as thoroughly when I switch from the brown dye to the black dye (it’s ok if I get brown dye on my lashes, whereas if I did lashes first, I wouldn’t want black dye getting on my brows). If you are using the same color on your lashes and brows, you can do them in any order.

For lashes:

I first apply the dye like I’m applying mascara – starting beneath the lashes, I swipe it from roots to ends, covering each lash. It doesn’t glide and stick the same as mascara, so you’ll need to apply like a jillion coats – well, at least 10.

Then I do the same on top of the lashes (the side that’s visible when your eyes are closed).

Finally, I take the wand and hold it vertically, perpendicular to my lash line, and comb through my lashes to coat the sides.

I sometimes do my lower lashes, but those are more messy because they smear onto my under-eye area, so I usually just do the top ones.
I let the dye ~marinate~ for about one minute before removing with a makeup wipe or damp toilet paper by pinching my lashes between the wipe. Do this super delicately and precisely – if you just start scrubbing at your eyes, you increase the likelihood of getting dye in your eyes. Be just as cautious with removing the dye as you were with applying it!

For brows:

I first apply the dye to the portion of my brow that’s closest to my nose, because the hair is thicker there and takes longer to be dyed.
I don’t really have a technique for this – I just swipe the dye on a little bit at a time and then comb it through the hairs and through the tails of the brows.
I spend about a minute per brow, really combing the dye in to coat each little hair.
Next, I wait 1-2 minutes before wiping off the dye on the brow I started with. If I’m satisfied with the color, I wipe off the other brow and I’m done. If it’s still too light, I apply more dye and give both brows a few more minutes to develop.
I remove the dye from my brows the same way as I do my lashes: I wipe it away with a makeup wipe or damp paper towel/toilet paper.

Here’s the before and after of my lashes (dyed + curled), which I think is pretty awesome! (My brows match because I dyed them the previous week).

Ta da! It’s that simple. I really love having this long-lasting option since it drastically improves my makeup-less appearance and is so quick, easy, and affordable to do.

If you want the effects of brow or lash tinting, but aren’t ready to willingly put hair dye so close to your own eyeballs, you can always go in and have brow and lash tinting done professionally by an esthetician.

Thanks for reading! If this tutorial was helpful to you, it would mean so much to me if you shared it with a friend who could also learn from it!

xx T

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