My Favorite Product Finds of 2018

I drafted this post in December 2018 with the best of intentions, but alas, it’s February. The good news is these products are still as amazing as they were two months ago, so here we go: as 2018 comes to a close, I wanted to share a few finds that I fell in love with and will continue to use in the new year. I am not sponsored by any of these brands; I just truly benefited from and love these products.

Check out my top product finds for beauty, fashion, home, and pets below:


Drunk Elephant D Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops (Sephora, $36)

This is like a weird, super-charged makeup and skincare hybrid product: a serum that combats pollutants and fine lines while giving a dewy, bronze glow. As a certified Lazy Girl, I never pass up a 2-in-1 product. To be honest, I didn’t love this at first, but that’s because I was using it incorrectly. Applying D Bronzi to bare, dry skin will actually accentuate any blemishes, so you must mix with a moisturizer, sunscreen, or oil first to avoid that nonsense. I apply moisturizer to my whole face and neck first, then mix a half or full pump D Bronzi with my regular daily sunscreen to apply. I always apply to my cheeks and forehead first and then blend out into areas that I don’t want to be as dark (ahem, upper lip). It gives a lovely, bronze glow, but has very minimal coverage, so it will not work in place of foundation or CC cream. You can easily control how much product you pump out to adjust how bronze you want to go, which allows it to last a very long time. I’ve had my D Bronzi Sunshine Drops for several months and I think I’ll get six months of daily use from one tube, which justifies the price tag to me.

Biore UV Aqua Rich Sunscreen (Amazon, $27.50 for a 2-pack)

They say the best sunscreen is the one you will wear every single day. I have tried dozens of brands and formulas, but never found one I could stick with. They were either too sticky, too shiny, made my other products pill up, had a white cast, or made my eyes sting. I finally found the Biore UV Aqua Rich sunscreen through a Korean beauty Reddit thread and never looked back! It melts into the skin beautifully, has no white cast, and plays well with all my other skincare products. It ships from Japan so it can take a few weeks to arrive, so I always have at least two bottles stockpiled to ensure I never run out of this amazing stuff! Seriously, just try it.

Thrive Causemetics Mascara (Thrive Causemetics, $24)

I can’t say enough positive things about this mascara. This is a tubing mascara, meaning that it creates individual little “tubes” around each lash. This feature makes removal so easy – I just wet my fingers and lashes, then gently hold my lashes between my thumb and forefinger and slide the tubes off. I used to scrub my eyes endlessly to remove my mascara and now I can get it off in under two minutes, without beating up my delicate under-eye area. Another plus is that it doesn’t smear at all if you get it on your lids while applying – it wipes off effortlessly!

Curology Customized Skincare Subscription (Curology, price varies by subscription plan, $24.90-$59.90)

Curology is a subscription skin service that sends you a custom blended serum with ingredients catered to your skin and goals. You fill out a skin quiz and then a dermatologist develops your personal routine, which is shipped to you on a monthly or bi-monthly basis (your choice). I feel like my provider is very attentive to my feedback and I love that I can apply three actives in one bottle. You can get a free trial bottle to check it out for yourself (just pay shipping, $4.95).


Zella High-waist Live In Leggings (Nordstrom, $54-$59)

If you haven’t bought yourself Zella Live In leggings yet, they’re a must. Especially the high-waist version. They are super smooth and flattering, extremely resistant to pilling, and so far I’ve found them to be squat-proof. I’ve often heard them referred to as a dupe for Lululemon, so that’s a plus!


Silicone Pot, Pan, and Dish Scraper (Amazon, $4.99)

If you hate doing dishes as much as I do, this dish scraper is a life saver. There are both plastic and silicone edges so you can tackle any cooked-on mess, even if your seasonal depression told you to let it sit in the sink untouched for 12 days. I actually bought another one while writing this post because ours was misplaced in the move and I’m too lazy to find it but not too lazy to click “Add to Cart.” Bonus: it’s dishwasher safe, so I just pop it in with a load every few weeks and it’s good as new!

Microfiber Floor Mop (Amazon, $24.95)

This mop is like a more eco-friendly Swiffer. It comes with 3 cushioned pads that can be used wet or dry, but I also use dish rags or microfiber towels in a pinch. I just pop a towel on, get it damp with hot water, spray the floors with cleaner, and get to work. I use this after a “deep-clean” mop to get any residual dirt and pet hair up or just by itself to freshen up. The handle extends far enough that I’ve never had any discomfort using it, and I’m pretty tall at 5’9.


Petmate No Spill Dog Bowl (Amazon, $13.95 for a 2-pack)

Our dogs seem to spill more water than they actually consume, so one day I finally had a light bulb moment: spill-proof dog bowls. We have the 2-pack because they are a bit small for our pooches, but they do reduce spillage by about 90% so it’s totally worth refilling them 10 times a day.

Folding Soft Dog Crates (Amazon, $34.99-$69.99)

Since we’ve moved around so frequently, I was getting really tired of lugging around giant metal dog crates. This soft crate is lightweight, super simple to set up or fold down, ideal for travel, and our dogs love to lounge in them. That said, these are only suitable for dogs that are already crate-trained – a panicky dog could easily tear through the mesh. We have two of the 36″ crates and they work well for both our 60 lb pit bull and 50 lb Australian Shepherd mix.

Electronics and Accessories

Magnetic Phone Mount and Finger Ring Stand (Amazon, $10.99 for both)

I got this car vent phone mount to hold my phone in safe view while using my GPS. You can choose either a flat magnet or a magnetic finger ring to attach your phone to the mount. I opted for the finger ring because I have had one for several years and love them. When I upgraded to the iPhone XS Max, I was afraid the heavier weight would cause my phone to slide off the mount, but I’ve had no issues. This mount has never failed me and I feel so much safer driving with my phone secured!

There we have it! Thank you for checking out my favorite finds of 2018 and I hope you found something that will be useful for you in 2019. I’m curious about what your favorite product of 2018 was – comment below and let me know!

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Product Finds of 2018”

  1. Those Drunk Elephant drops are definitely on my list to try, I’ve wanted to try the brand for ages, I’m just not sure how well it fares on sensitive skin!

    Great post and thanks for putting this list together🥰 x


    1. Hi Kristie, thank you for your comment! I actually just published a review of the drops today if you’d like to see pictures. I haven’t had any sensitivity from them, however I did read a review that said they irritated someone’s skin 😦 perhaps you could try with just half a pump mixed with your moisturizer and then return it if you have any sensitivity? Best of luck!!

      Liked by 1 person

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