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30 Adventures for Your Ultimate Winter Bucket List

As temperatures dip and days get shorter, it’s starting to feel a lot like winter! If your first instinct is to dive under the covers and hibernate until the sun and warmth return, same. However, in an effort to re-frame my least favorite season into something more tolerable (and maybe even fun?!), I pulled together some awesome winter adventures to add to my bucket list. Taking advantage of these chilly weather opportunities will help me to focus more on accomplishing everything on my list and less on how frozen I feel!

Whether you love this time of year or you are scraping by until spring arrives, this bucket list of winter adventures will help you to make the most of the season. Scroll down for the graphic version of the winter checklist if you want to print it for easy reference.

hot cocoa with the title 30 must do adventures for your winter bucket list

  1. Go on a hot cocoa date
  2. Bake and decorate cookies
  3. Go skiing or snowboarding
  4. Build a pillow fort
  5. Snuggle up in cozy sweaters and scarves
  6. Host or attend an ugly sweater party
  7. Spend time with family and friends
  8. Drink tea or cider by a fire
  9. Write resolutions for the new year
  10. Take a trip somewhere warm and sunny
  11. Establish a workout routine
  12. Have drinks on a heated patio
  13. Host a brunch
  14. Develop a self care routine
  15. Go to a Christmas market
  16. Enjoy a spa day
  17. Host a movie night
  18. Try new coffee shops
  19. Start a new tradition
  20. Make mulled wine
  21. Throw a Super Bowl party
  22. Listen to Christmas music for an entire day
  23. Make a vision board
  24. Drive around and look at holiday lights
  25. Volunteer at an animal shelter or soup kitchen (or both)
  26. Take a hot yoga class
  27. Decorate a wreath or ornaments
  28. Send holiday cards
  29. Make a charcuterie board
  30. Cook dinner with a friend

Now that you have thirty adventure ideas, you can have an adventurous winter to keep yourself occupied until the sun returns! Do you have a favorite winter activity that I missed? Comment below to add to the list!



graphic winter bucket list of adventures and activities

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